Training Codex on my product's API

Hello all, first time poster here.

I work on a product that does enterprisey stuff and, among other things, lets the user create custom logic for their specific business workflow using Javascript scripts. Of course, as any professional developer understands, this is not just random Javascript but there is specific SDK-like API we provide like hook functions, variables/objects that are present in the script’s scope etc.

My goal is to integrate Codex into our platform in order to allow the users to avoid programming (since they fail 99% of the time) and allow them to describe what they want to do in natural language and have the appropriate code generated for them. To accomplish this I’d need to train Codex on our specific domain and API. For example:

Generate a PDF from all the provided images using JPEG compression with 90% quality
var images = ProductAPI.getImages();
var pdfFile = ProductAPI.generatePDF(images, ProductAPI.Compression.JPEG, 0.9);

Reading up on Codex before applying it was clear that this is/would be possible. Is this something we have to do via the Fine-Tuning API (which I understand is not yet available) or is this something else entirely? We have an extensive API which is used in conjunction with Javascript programming to achieve very custom functionality in our product and I’d be super happy to be able to simplify this using the power of Codex.



In the OpenAI Codex Live Video Demo they write a prompt like this

Here's a new method you can use:

codex_chimp.send(subject, body) -> send Mailchimp email blast
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Will this train the Codex model under my enterprise account for all future coding sessions? Remember the goal is to have us pre-train the model and when customers use it all these extra prompts should already be available to them.


This is a great question and a feature I’d like to see flushed out as an option for fine tuning!

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Hi, I would like to do something similar with my own API. Did you make any progress?

Precisely my aim, I have would like to add an entire programming language with many utilities aimed at solving business oriented logic. Here is the link my post. :point_down:

I would love some concrete guidance