Toward a Gen Ai Linear B model

As a training exercise this simple project has much to offer. Sophisticated Natural Language Processing with an emphasis on test summarisation and syllabification (!) and creative text generation using the exotic Homeric and Mycenaean Greek (Linear B) fonts.

There’s a website hosted by Google Drive here written by gtp-3.5-turbo-16k in a day of heavy prompting (incl. CSS) to showcase these baby steps.

This is a project in my wider Ai in a Google Sheet Apps Script product set. In so far as we complete training the multiple GPT models included in this project we will have achieved a valuable systems and coding milestone. And we are providing new tools and techniques in the enduring scholastic quest to Decipher Linear B. (ref: Documents in Mycenaean Greek by Michael Ventris and John Chadwick. Cambridge University Press).

What’s going on? Just a benign and mildly exotic proof of concept.

  • Homeric Greek: μενι αειδε θεα πελειαδε αχιλεο
  • Mycenaean Greek: 𐀔𐀕𐀢𐀁 (me-ni) 𐀀𐀁𐀂𐀆𐀂 (a-e-i-de) 𐀚𐀀𐀂 (θe-a) 𐀆𐀕𐀪𐀂𐀅𐀀𐀂 (pe-le-i-a-de) 𐀀𐀂𐀏𐀕𐀥𐀂 (a-chi-le-o)

USER: What does the Greek mean?

ASSISTANT: The Greek phrase you provided, μενι αειδε θεα πελειαδε αχιλεο (meni aeide thea peleiade akhileo), is a line from Homer’s Iliad. In English, the phrase translates to Sing, goddess, of the wrath of Peleus’s son Achilles. It is the opening line of the Iliad and sets the tone for the epic poem.

There is always a first step in a new journey. More anon. :slight_smile: