Tips to speech fluency english

Hello friends, I am searching tips to speech English fluency for FCE exam, and practice in real time with any AI.

The ChatGPT app for mobile device has some capabilities you might find interesting. The app has the ability to speak AI results in good quality American English. In this ChatGPT app’s “telephone” mode, you don’t immediately see the text that the AI has produced, so you have to rely on your own listening and understanding.

Voice recognition and transcription is also a feature found in the app, so you can talk back. If you can be understood, and can speak sentences quickly enough that the AI doesn’t think you are done, that can be a skill.

However, the AI doesn’t actually hear what you said, it only receives the text, so it can’t help with pronunciation or quality even though it sometimes thinks it can. The transcription (using the “Whisper” technology) is very good at even bad accents - up to the point where it thinks a very bad accent is still you speaking in your native language.