TIme outs with gpt-4 on factual questions, requests for creative output (poems) much more reliable

Two prompts sent to chat:

  • What do you know about github?
  • Write a short poem about github

The first query times out, the second produces a poem.

(I know gpt is not an expert system, I am happy for incorrect answers to factual questions).

I get better results by reversing the order of the queries. Poem first, then “What do you know”, but still mostly times out.

I have noticed this generally. Requests for creative output (poems, limericks, sonnets…) are much more reliable than the “ask an expert” style of question.

The “completions” API with “text-davinci-003” does not have this property.

Turns out I was misusing (or it is buggy) the rust reqwest package and timing out on my end