Tiered Subscriptions please

Can I propose more tiers. I , like many are avid AIB enthusiasts, I (as I’m sure many would) pay heartily for; Pre access to new versions, More interactions, even faster response times. Maybe $40, $60, $80 tiers for increased responsiveness… You will always get us Tech-savvy IT boys who will go ‘ALL-IN’ !

And, Push push PUSH;

  1. Voice Profiling (easy to do , look at the banks) . Gains are multi-way conversations and ChatGPT 'recognising ’ who they’re talking too… MASSIVE gains as us Hoomans like being recognised ! (I’m serious here, massive empathy gains from userbase) Me and my mummy can talk and be recognised, NEVER underestimate being recognised

  2. Video Analysis ( In the pipe line I know but, resource intensive )