"Thumbs-Down" feedback and automatic regeneration counts against GPT-4 use limit, discouraging use

Hello everyone,

I’ve been an avid user of GPT-4 and encountered an issue that I believe needs attention. Whenever I provide negative feedback by clicking on the “thumbs-down” button, not only does GPT-4 automatically generate a new message side-by-side with the previous message (which I understand aims to give a better response), but this action also costs money due to the credit consumption.

This cost associated with the “thumbs-down” feedback has made me hesitant to use the feature as much as I’d like. I believe this could be a concern for many users, and it inadvertently hampers the very essence of feedback. Feedback, especially human feedback, is crucial for improving models like ChatGPT. If users are deterred from providing feedback due to cost implications, the model’s refinement might slow down over time.

I couldn’t find any settings or options on the platform. I believe there should be a way to modify or turn off this automatic response behavior when giving negative feedback (i.e., when clicking the “thumbs-down” button). It’s essential to balance improving user experience and ensuring that feedback mechanisms are user-friendly and cost-effective.

Any guidance, suggestions, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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ChatGPT Pro does not use credits … so you’re not getting charged when you hit the up/down vote.

What’s the URL/ address of the tool you’re using?

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply!

By “credits,” I meant that the message limit per hour… :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that I didn’t express the issue correctly.

NOTE: I’m using chat.openai.com.


Ah, gotcha.

You might want to wait on ChatGPT Enterprise which will likely have a lot less restrictions.

Good luck.

Hmmm… Okay, thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:

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Removed the solution so that this thread stays up as it’s feedback mostly.

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Clarified the title so we can see what the “cost” is to a ChatGPT user in pressing the thumbs-down.

I also don’t know if the assertion is true.

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I asked ChatGPT if this made sense, and she said: “Yes.”

Clarifying this a bit more, every time I click on “thumbs-down,” it automatically generates another message, as follows:

The number of answers increased to “3” because I clicked on the “thumbs-down” twice. But I want to turn off this behavior.

And since there’s a limit of messages per period, it’ll consume “my credit.”

I shouldn’t have said it costs more money, sorry about that!



Absolutely agree with this.
I stopped providing negative feedback altogether, instead only re-prompt to get what I want and then give positive feedback when they get it right.

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I only rarely provide negative feedback. Sometimes it will give me a string of the worst output possible and I’m like whatever, not my problem, I ain’t burning my limited uses improving the model.