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As a developer spending much time building custom domain-specific GPTs (non-API) on the GPT store and promoting these GPT through various media channels. I would like to ask OpenAI about the following questions regarding non-API custom GPTs:

  1. Is there a difference in terms of how OpenAI sees developers using their APIs vs developers only using the web custom GPT tools?
  2. Will there be any way for custom GPT developers to “own” their custom GPTs (such as instructions) in a way that an GPT API developer has ownership over their own GPT wrapper?
  3. Will there be options for custom GPT developers to monetize or to access user information (e.g. getting access to emails of users that used my custom GPT)?
  4. Should developers serious about building apps on the OpenAI ecosystem shift towards using APIs instead of relying solely on custom GPT (e.g. if I want to do a company dedicated to custom apps on OpenAI)?