Third Party plugins pricing model

Hi, i have a business question,

How third party collects money from gpt4 plugins, through which API calls to that third party is performed.

For example if i enable tripAdvisor plugin and make a prompt to gpt4 so that tripAdvisor api is called, who then pays to TripAdvisor for that call? I pay only 20 usd to openai, does TripAdvisor do not charge for that, or how TripAdvisor collects money for such calls?
Could please somebody explane this economics?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

If TripAdvisor has a GPT/Plugin then the increasing number of ChatGPT users around the world using the service will book holidays and trips through their services. In much the same way an advert currently drives traffic, a plugin will result in the same outcome, more traffic to the site.

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thanks, in addition this is what GPT4 with TripAdvisor plugin say:
question: “did you collect this info by calling Trip Advisor API? who paid for that call as API is not for free?”
answear: “the information about the restaurants in Vilnius was obtained by calling the Tripadvisor API <…> OpenAI, which developed and operates this AI model, manages the integration and any associated costs with accessing external data sources like the Tripadvisor API <…>OpenAI has established partnerships and arrangements with various data providers, including Tripadvisor, to access their services. <…>The specifics of these agreements, including whether OpenAI pays Tripadvisor or if Tripadvisor provides services for free, are typically confidential and part of the business arrangements between the companies”

I think there will be a period of time while businesses get to understand what AI can do for them, much as internet based advertising models took time to become a leading traffic driver, so to will there be a period of exploration and hopefully growth, when AI begins to provide useful traffic and potentially all kinds of new customer focused applications with a level of personalisation that has not been possible before.

I can see an entirely new industry being created out of this new business and AI relationship and maximising revenue while serving customers in new ways.