Think about the security of GPTs created in the store, but don't think about how to make money from it

I have one question and would like to know everyone’s thoughts.

I said before the store opened that people with good qualifications who run GPTs on the store will have no problems with data security in GPT. Accepting injections is one way to deal with the problem. Many people here probably know how to inject, and you probably saw that in the store there are many GPTs that have had their prompts posted on Twitter or github.

These things say that even if you can prevent everything, it doesn’t mean you can do it the way he did. Additionally, there are various methods of protection. You may use an API for GPTs to work with your system and it only acts as an intermediary. That’s what I’ve found with GPTs who do an amazing job in sales and choose to use the services GPTs are affiliated with.

Some GPTs don’t require good features like logo creation. They don’t even build with good logo properties. They just play 1-2-3-Ramdom. But GPTs that are created according to those qualities are not used.

Many people wait for a better defense system to get on the field. But I don’t think he might have either.
Many people are waiting for the payment system to come in, but many GPTs are now raking money into their pockets.

I’m curious to know what you’re expecting in the store right now.

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