Theres a lot of paid sms gateways out there, im working on a free one. no 3rd p account logins

So I tried to find an sms gateway/proxy app for android.
You know, so GPT can respond to your text messages.

All of them required 3rd party logins, or paying for it.
Decided its not that complex- so im just gonna make a handy combo app- with a gui and well organized api interface.

Hopefully i can find a way to integrate it with libpurple, cause that would just be… fun… and also easier.

feel free to send me suggestions.
Android only, maybe-maybe not root only. (havent decided)

Interesting! How would that work from a business perspective, and what makes it android exclusive? :thinking:

Or do you just mean text messaging in general?

Are you asking how does it work [for] business purposes?

No, I was interested in how you planned on creating a profitable business around this, but you obviously don’t have to share anything if you don’t want to.

sorry im not on much.
I dont intend to profit off of it.
I think that “trade secrets” in “code” in the age of AI makes about as much sense as horns on a cow…

Wait thats not how that goes…

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Make it, and they will come…
If it gets traffic, you can do sponsorship or something in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the artist or website or whatever. If people use it, profit will follow. If you want to profit, that is. If not, that makes things much easier.