There is nothing on my interface, it has been 2 hours

Does anyone have this problem?

2 hours eh?

Thats ultra wierd.
Have you tried a different browser in order to error check?

Have you tried just logging in? (see what it says)

are you sure?

Because doing it on purpose risks money, and after a couple months… no…

I found the problem, it was my network DNS problem

if you want to be “ultra safe”

I suggest a usb/ssd drive you can take with you - put all your projects on.

WSL context of course.
Thats what i do when im really woried, kno mean?

Thank you very much for the solution you provided. I will give the NAS method a try

?? Im so very confused…

But if his s*uff works, gravy.

I will set up a NAS at home to store and access data, which will be more convenient