The web version of ChatGPT keeps crashing

Edit: Its fixed now. Below this is my original post.

I use ChatGPT on the Chrome mobile app, and ever since a few hours ago I’ve been getting the “Aw, Snap” error message every 2-3 generations. Now, if I wait before I refresh it, it completes the generation, but it’s still irritating to have to deal with it this often, especially since it means I have to keep opening my custom GPT again, because editing my input after a refresh overwrites previous generations. (I like to generate 15-20 “edits” with my custom GPT before I start fresh.)

I also tried it with Opera, and it crashed on my second generation, so it’s not browser specific. Is anyone else experiencing this?

The official ChatGPT app is terrible, by the way, so don’t suggest that.


Experiencing the same issue all day


Same - on my mac & PC for me, happens with Chrome & Edge


Same issue here dude - 16GB RAM and an Up-To-Date system.

Same issue here too, Chrome crashes then I reload and the response had completed while it was crashing and is there.

I’ve been having the exact same issue on both my laptop and my Desktop PC. Both have plenty of compute power, and it worked fine before.
What I noticed is that when I have chrome open with a single tab and idle, taskmanager reports about 200-300MB of RAM use and about 0% to 1% CPU use. As soon as I ask ChatGPT (GPT4o) to help me with something, I can see RAM usage of chrome climb to about 4.3GB and CPU use to 30%. Then, after about a minute or 2, the chrome tab with ChatGPT crashes and the RAM and CPU use instantly drop down to what they were before.
The same thing happens in Edge and in FireFox. It happens at home with my personal Wifi and at work. With my laptop and with my desktop.
The same thing every time:
I ask a question, RAM and CPU use of the browser skyrocket, the browser tab with ChatGPT crashes, RAM and CPU use instantly back to normal. When I reload the browser tab and click on the conversation, sometimes I see the full answer, sometimes the answer is cut short.
What is going on?

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I am having same issues. Any fixes??

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this!!! facing the same issues on both safari and chrome. i thought it was my old devices acting up. what’s up ??

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Same here. To me it happens with each generation. I’m glad this is a general issue and I hope they are working on a solution.


same here, few hours of convo and then this, AW Snap, SIGTERM caught.

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RAM leak is terrible. Uses 6.5GB or RAM in both Chrome and Firefox as soon as the conversation grows a bit.


Yeah, this just started for me as well, chrome on mac, has been doing it all day.


Good to know it’s not just me.

Updated the title as it’s not just mobile browser apps.

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I started having issues around this weekend. I believe today has become almost unusable. I have had chats go from 100mb to 2 gig!

Super high ram usage in chrome.

Same issue is there any fixes coming or do we just wait for them to fix it?

I believe the problem is caused by previous chats (displayed in the left tab) that ChatGPT has not optimized to minimize memory usage. As a result, the more chats you have stored, the more memory any new conversation will start off with.

For someone like me who uses ChatGPT daily for work and has accumulated hundreds of chats, it has become nearly impossible to continue a conversation without encountering high memory usage. Google Chrome’s maximum tab memory is around 2.2GB, and reaching this limit causes significant slowdowns and potential crashes.

Currently, even a brand new, empty chat session takes up around 350MB of tab memory. This indicates that the memory footprint of previous chats is substantial and affects the performance of new conversations.

OpenAI needs to optimize the memory usage of previous, unopened chats to prevent them from consuming excessive resources during active sessions. This optimization is crucial for users who rely on ChatGPT for extended and frequent use.

As a temporary workaround, when you notice the chat slowing down and sense an impending crash, you can open a new tab and continue the same conversation there. This approach resets the tab memory without losing the conversation. However, this is only a temporary fix, as the tab memory will increase rapidly with each new prompt.

My system specs:

-Windows 11 Pro
-Nvidia 4080 GPU
-Intel i9


I’ve recently noticed it after the 4o model was released. I don’t know if anyone has experienced this same issue while using 3.5


I’ve had no issues using 4o until yesterday.

Anyway, now it’s consistently happening on the 2nd edit for me, so it’s one edit and start fresh until this is fixed.

Okay, that was my one idea.
However, I also faced duplication of prompts and crashing when i tried to edit mine. Other than this, does the prompt you send to chatgpt also get trimmed in the message bubble too?