The support page isn't helping has proven to be useless. There is no support there at all.

I cannot get GPT to generate a response. Initially thought that the servers were completely bogged down, but I just learned that my peers are able to use it all the time without issue. I can’t get any support from the site, or anyone from openai. I’ve gone through the help docs, and I can’t seem to make it work. Has anyone else experienced this?

Haven’t done anything to violate the TOS, and it’s been weeks since asking their bot for help. Is there someone here that can help?

Little background on my openai journey:

I started trying to use the service in January… didn’t work, so I figured it was overloaded and forgot about it. I’ve been checking in every couple weeks, and every time I just figured it’s overloaded.

But I’ve recently found out that people I know are using for everyday.

I’ll pay for the service happily if it means I can try it. But there’s no support or anyone to help out.

Attached is a screenshot of the only response I can get from ChatGPT

So no openai support here either.

How do people with technical issues get technical support??