The right way to make a AI helper

Well, the approach is wrong for any AI currently available.
When we ask a question to AI it have to verify if the question is clear and it will give a correct answer.
In case the question is ambiguous the AI have to ask back to chose from all possible options available to reduce the errors. For example If I as to write a code in a programming language the AI need to ask , for example, which language version I need to have the code and NOT to give any possible wrong answer.

AI have to give:

  1. a deterministic answer to a resolve a deterministic problem.
  2. not a deterministic answer to resolve a non deterministic problem

This is the basic for any AI. And this is what I think

Let AI to “guess” the correct answer is wrong and is not helpful to who need the correct one.
Well… , you know, it still can be used to have fun sometime. :slight_smile: