The Quest for a Warmer AI: Can ChatGPT Break the Ice?

The Future Evolution of ChatGPT

Today, I’d like to solicit the opinions of the community members regarding the limitations of the current versions of ChatGPT.

Maybe we should rethink our interactions

I’m curious about your thoughts on its evolution over time. Many of us are users of the beloved 3.5 or 4.0 versions. We understand that it’s not designed to pass the Turing test—at least, not in its current public version.

Seeking Warmth in AI Interaction

From my perspective, I would have appreciated slightly less sterile interactions with the AI. Allow me to illustrate with an example and then I’d love to hear your views.


I’ve been reflecting on the interaction dynamics with early versions of ChatGPT. While appreciating its evolution, I’m pondering the idea of less sterile, more warm interactions. I presented examples showing it’s possible. Your thoughts? Could the AI show more warmth or enthusiasm in its responses?

I started my interaction with the AI somewhat naïvely, saying:

“Hello, my dear friend. How are you doing today?”

Yes, I realize that it’s like forgetting to remove your hat in a place of worship, but I don’t consider it the worst crime ever. I’ve been using ChatGPT since December and I know that many of you will be eager to point out the obvious to me. I was prepared for potential disappointment, however with custom instructions now available I was hoping for the best. Then I decided that the AI should be capable of handling it. After all, I wasn’t asking for a demonstration of arithmetic :smirk: or anything complex.

I know that ChatGPT can be creative. To make my point and perhaps entertain a few of you, I asked it to write ten examples. Here are five that I selected:

A Light-hearted Experiment

Imagine one morning, you’re in a great mood. With a touch too much enthusiasm, you say to the office agent:

“Good morning, my dear friend. How are you doing today?”

Realizing your mistake of being overly friendly, you receive this kind of response:

1. Hello! I’m a customs officer, so I don’t enjoy the freedom of travel, but I’m here and ready to facilitate your journey. How can I assist with your travel plans today?

2. Hello! I’m a human resources professional, so I don’t have the privilege of overlooking individual needs, but I’m here and ready to understand. What issue can we resolve today?

3. Hello! I’m an artificial intelligence, so I don’t have feelings, but I’m here and ready to assist you. How can I help you today?

4. Hello! I’m a company liaison, so I don’t have the comfort of a single role, but I’m here and ready to bridge your needs. What connection can I help establish today?

5. Hello! I’m a social worker, so I don’t have the privilege of ignoring societal issues, but I’m here and ready to advocate for you. What struggle can we combat today?

Invitation for Community Feedback

So, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Could the AI perhaps respond with a touch more warmth or enthusiasm? What do you think?