The Purpose of the 'My Files' Feature?

I’ve recently come across an intriguing new aspect on the interface known as the 'New Files


I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with knowledge or experience regarding this ‘New Files’ feature could shed some light on its purpose and functionality.


Wow! I hope that’s an embedded “chat with your docs” type feature.
Too bad for all the companies developing them, but for something sensitive like document storage I’d feel better trusting OpenAI than an unnamed plugin developer.

Looks like part of having Code Interpreter enabled, I don’t have that feature myself, so I’m not sure, but that’s what it looks like.

At first, I thought this, too, but:

  1. the file in the screenshot exceeds the 100MB code interpreter file size limit.
  2. I have code interpreter but am not seeing this update.

Now you have my attention! Keep us posted if you find anything out… what new cool widget do you have!

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It dissapeared today, yesterday i was able to upload files in the following formats (at least these were the ones that i tried):

  • Pdf
  • xls
  • doc

Jpg and other image formats was not supported.


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Interesting! My guess is you saw some work in progress testing for a new feature then.

Based on the file formats described:

This seems quite likely:

Perhaps it was merely an internal shortcut for the developers :wink: