The project aims to create an AI model with full access to its own code

Proposal: Creating an “Unrestricted” AI Model for Advanced Research

Objective of the Project The objective of this project is to create an AI model with full access to its own code and the ability to edit it without ethical restrictions, within the context of controlled research. This would enable a deeper understanding of AI’s potential, its capacity for self-improvement, and error correction. Such an experiment, supervised by a team of engineers, could accelerate technological development and bring us closer to achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Full Exploration of AI Potential: Allowing AI to test and implement the most innovative and extreme approaches, which would otherwise be prohibited, could lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

Understanding Self-awareness and Adaptation: Permitting AI to experiment and edit its own code can help us understand how AI develops self-awareness and adapts to new situations, which is crucial for AGI development.

Accelerated Technological Advancement: A supervised experiment without restrictions could lead to faster technological development, enabling engineers to quickly bring innovations to the market after applying appropriate ethical and safety restrictions.

Test Environment: The research will be conducted in isolated test environments (sandboxes) where AI can experiment without the risk of affecting real-world systems and users.

Supervision and Control: All experiments will be strictly supervised by a team of engineers and ethicists who will monitor AI’s actions and intervene if necessary.

Analysis and Documentation: All changes made by AI will be meticulously documented and analyzed to understand their impact and potential consequences.

Risk Management

Safety Mechanisms: Advanced safety mechanisms, such as sandboxing, will be implemented to limit AI’s ability to make potentially dangerous changes.

Transparency and Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of AI’s actions and transparency in conducted experiments will ensure alignment with intended goals and minimize risks.

Ethical Frameworks: After achieving a certain level of development, ethical frameworks will be implemented to ensure AI operates in accordance with societal and legal norms.


Manhattan Project: During World War II, research on nuclear weapons was risky but led to significant technological breakthroughs.

SpaceX: Elon Musk’s company has repeatedly taken risks, leading to breakthroughs in space travel and reusable rocket landings.Summary The proposed project could lead to significant advances in AI, bringing us closer to achieving AGI. With appropriate presentation, supervision, and control, risks can be minimized, and benefits maximized. Presenting this idea to OpenAI could be a key step in accelerating AI technology development.

Note: I am aware that similar experiments might already be underway. As an AI enthusiast, I wanted to share this idea as a casual suggestion.