The option to edit Custom GPTs is gone - After a few days of "error saving draft", I don't see the option to edit an existing GPT, just an option to build a new one

UPDATE: As of 11 am PST on Nov 14, I no longer see the option to edit my custom GPTs. Did OpenAI just roll back the custom GPT Builder because it was breaking? (I would guess it’s getting hammered). I’ve had a persistent “error saving draft” error since Sunday night after successfully uploading files to train 2 separate GPTs on Saturday and Sunday. The “error saving draft” error persisted until today on different browsers, login sessions and GPTs, anytime I tried uploading a PDF. Now, the option to EDIT the custom GPT is gone. What’s going on?

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I have the same problem. I am working on some new GPTs and the edit function is missing. I guess we have to test later. I am having way to much fun here so good to take a break.

seems across the board and applies to standard GPTs as well as ones containing more integration and custom KB articles. Creation still available with the original configuration options but once submitted, edit is currently turned off. GPT links can still be shared. Perhaps they’re working on all those loading errors (as mentioned and experienced by many). Or prep for store launch? Will stay tuned for any official mentions to come out… happy creating :slight_smile: - excited to see what everyone makes out there!

just out of curiosity, asked ChatGPT about this. Here’s the response:
The availability of features related to customizing GPT models, like editing custom GPTs, is typically governed by the platform providing these services, such as OpenAI. There could be several reasons why this option is temporarily unavailable:

  1. Maintenance or Updates: The platform could be undergoing maintenance or updating its systems. During this time, certain features might be temporarily disabled.
  2. Technical Issues: There might be technical issues or glitches that necessitated temporarily disabling the feature to ensure stability and performance of the overall system.
  3. Policy Changes: Occasionally, service providers might revise their policies or offerings, which could lead to the removal or alteration of certain features.
  4. Platform-Specific Decisions: The provider may have made a strategic or operational decision specific to their platform that affects the availability of certain features.

To get the most accurate and current information, I recommend checking OpenAI’s official website, their user forums, or contacting their support team directly. They would be able to provide specific details regarding the status and future availability of the feature to edit custom GPTs.

Same here. Missing on all desktop browsers.

Same here! Can’t edit my created “MyGPT” after publishing

Also missing ability to delete an app and the amount of unique uses is also gone.

I stopped asking ChatGPT4 about custom GPTs because it wasn’t aware of the option to build a custom GPT. I guess its knowledge really falls off a cliff after April 2023, even for OpenAI features :slight_smile:

Ok, as of 2pm PST on Nov. 14, the option to EDIT your GPTs is BACK. BUT! Not only is the “error saving draft” persisting when uploading ANY file (even through the builder digests and interprets it), but now GPT builder is going off the rails. I uploaded a file and asked it to tell me how it planned on incorporating the instructions in the GPT Assistant, and the Builder started to generate an image for my GPT instead! Weird… The system is obviously unstable.

I have the similar “error saving draft” issue. And here is how I fix this: I remove my action settings, it could be saved successfully, then I add back my actions, then I could update and save my GPTS.

This issue still exists, which is super annoying that I had to re-create my action schema every time. Not sure when ChatGPT could really fix this problem.

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Thanks @FortuneTeller – what an accurate reading of ChatGPT’s palm! Removing actions works to remove the error but actions are still in need of a fix. Cheers!