The new GPT-Store won't be shown in my ChatGPT plus Account

The new GPT store from OpenAI was released in December 2023. I use a ChatGPT Plus account and still don’t see the new GPT store, only my own and the OpenAI custom GPT models.

I use Windows 11 and the Google Chrome browser, but have already deleted all browser data and also tried it on the MS Edge browser, but always the same result (see attachment)


Why I don’t see the new GPT store?

The only explanation, which hasn’t been clarified by OpenAI, is that the GPT Store is still “rolling out”, perhaps by region or account longevity - or random happenstance. It’s not just you.

You can open the URL Explore GPTs in a private or incognito window and see much of what the store looks like, but not be able to search (and the search doesn’t help you guess what keywords results in the best AI customization for the task or the quality of the GPT writer.)

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Yes, it works! Thanks for your explanation!

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Same here - I can navigate to the store when not logged in but I still don’t have it in my account. Lame.

Same here, usual moves like deleting local data etc, no effect, no response from support

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