The login button shows for a split second then disappears

I hope this is a bug and it isn’t meant to ever do this, but when I go to my ChatGPT login page, the login button (next to the signup button) appears for a split second and then before there’s any chance to click it, it disappears. I’m a premium user (or plus, whatever it is called). That means I’m never supposed to be disallowed due to server load. Why can’t the login button stay visible so I can push it?

what browser do you use?

If you use chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N, try in incognito mode see if that works.

I do use Google Chrome, and using Incognito mode has worked. It isn’t ideal for a few reasons, but it is a LOT better than if I couldn’t access the site at all. I still hope whatever problems the site has with non-Incognito Chrome are considered a bug and that those who run the site will be trying to fix it.