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I have used VS Code UTf-8 only no BOM & jsnol format still I am not able to fine-tune gpt turbo 3.5 models I also tried to remove ‘\n’ & also ‘\n’

{"prompt":"Summer","completion":"Title: Summer Essentials: Apparel for Sun-Lovers\nBrand Name: SunnyWear\nBullet Point 1: Ideal for beachgoers, travelers, and fans of summer.\nBullet Point 2: SunnyWear captures the essence of summer in every design.\nProduct Description: Embrace the warmth and joy of summer with our Summer Essentials collection. Made for comfort and style, perfect for any sunny occasion."}
{"prompt":"Hustle","completion":"Title: Hustle Mode: Apparel for the Driven\nBrand Name: GoalGetters\nBullet Point 1: Perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and ambitious individuals.\nBullet Point 2: GoalGetters is all about empowering you to reach your dreams.\nProduct Description: Wear your ambition proudly with our Hustle Mode collection. Designed for comfort and motivation, helping you achieve your goals."}