The GPT store will launch next week

This just arived via email:

Dear GPT Builder,

We want to let you know that we will launch the GPT Store next week. If you’re >interested in sharing your GPT in the store, you’ll need to:

  • Review our updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines to ensure that your GPT is compliant
  • Verify your Builder Profile (settings > builder profile > enable your name or a verified website)
  • Publish your GPT as ‘Public’ (GPT’s with ‘Anyone with a link’ selected will not be shown in the store)

Thank you for investing time to build a GPT.

  • ChatGPT Team

Really looking forward to the excitement around this launch!
Now, that we have been through quite a few of these OpenAI launches, what do you think will happen?


You beat me to it by a few minutes - I just got the email now and was about to post here :wink:
I was planning on releasing some extra features for gipeties, my directory of custom GPTs before the store launches. I’d better be quick now!!!

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Sounds wild if there is no curation, the complete opposite of plugins.

The only threshold or barrier to entry being control over DNS (where I’d have to pull back a full domain name temporary from another server to add the record).

Just one radio button (or the wrong button) and you are discoverable and usable.


Lol. You beat me to it. Has anyone seen a prototype or mockup of what it will look like? I am especially keen to know if it will include stats on each GPT and if so what so quality and popularity can be measured. We can definitely integrate whatever data they provide into the free public gpt api as well.

I am hopeful this ushers in another wave of innovation and learning as we keep finding interesting ways to create GPTs.


Here is the tl;dr of the GPT naming guidelines.

  • short (appropriate for display in ChatGPT’s sidebar)
  • appropriate for an app or service, not the title of a document or video
  • ending with “GPT” is discouraged, but not prohibited.
  • if it provides all or a subset of the functionality of an existing service, name it the same. For example if the service is called “Meowlytics” then the GPT should also be called “Meowlytics”
  • if instead the GPT is providing support for the service, then consider appending to the name, e.g., “Meowlytics API Helper”
  • may not use another organization’s trademark in its name or logo unless authorized to do so
  • no referencing public figures, profanity, and harmful topics
  • if it makes use of third-party services, for example as part of its actions, mention them in the description

Still the question remains: what about prompt leaking?

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The energy in that email aged me 10 years.

Some serious Dwight Shrute It is your birthday vibes.

Hopefully there’s some insights on how it’s going to work. Seriously. No information at all? Monetization policy? Policies, at all? Statistics? Some photos, at least? Are we still limited to ~25 messages / hr?

I’ve completely stopped using my GPTs because of the halved limit. I don’t even want to build because it’s now become a scarce resource