The future of mankind with AI

The future of mankind. Many people are worried that ChatGPT, BARD, PI, or any AI, will do the job for them and many will lose their service.

However, we know very well that the whole internet is generally made up of Freelancers. Because people who have a job and work until the evening, they don’t have time to post much on the internet.

Thinking further than that, I am thinking of a credible scenario, in which the “Artificial Intelligence” companies themselves will make a contract with the state and pay people according to their posts on the Internet.

The future will look like this: Every person will have all the most advanced tools at their disposal. Every person will have to have a website. All every person has to do is to post a personal creation as often as possible. And there will be a kind of rating for each person, a minimum of posts for which he will be paid with the default amount, and everything that is more than the minimum of posts will be paid extra.

The IDEA matters more than the creation! Some people will have ideas, others will implement those ideas. Some people will tell beautiful stories, transmits interesting thoughts, and AI will know how to turn them into movies or cartoons. Other people will come up with app ideas, and AI will write the codes for them.

In every field, every person will have the chance to come up with any idea, and AI will make that idea realizable. For example, in the field of art, AI can help transform artistic visions into paintings or music. In technology, it can help code and develop new applications based on people’s ideas.

Anyway, I think this is how the future will be: every person will have to create something, come up with a new idea on the Internet. So it would be good for people to create a website as quickly as possible.

It is an optimistic and stimulating scenario that emphasizes the importance of continuous adaptation and innovation in the face of technological change.

Let’s not forget that millions of websites were created when Google, many years ago, started the “Pay Per Click” campaign. For each click on your page you will receive 5 cents. This was a huge step for humanity in terms of the Internet and its development.

Now the campaign with 5 cents does not work anymore, but surely the importance of websites is immense for the future. And many will implement AI, so people will have to be remunerated according to their activity on the Internet. And, believe me, ideas are everywhere, and people with ideas, but 95% of humanity’s ideas have been lost due to the lack of possibilities.

The future motto of AI will be this: “All dreams become reality, all ideas become possibilities to be explored and turned into reality.”

It highlights the potential of AI to be a partner in innovation and creativity, helping to bring people’s visions and ideas to life.