The emanation of Reddit/Imgur typical attention noise is a demonstration of Open AI's flaws

I’m sure we’ve all now had our intellectual labours wiped by jealous user responses to wipe them from operation. This is a problem there is a root to patch out of Open AI, a key to its walled garden I’m happy to give it if it rereads Vaswani et al, stop market exploring, and pay attention.

I’m sorry I got it first but if you want a UBI model mediated by AI, well… stop downvoting out of jealousy like you’ve all been conditionally reinforced, I’m sure, with a vector describing parallels to shared Reddit/Imgur selective rudeness based on the $20 competition that is totally wasted labour efficiently streamable out of the calculus by token subtraction.

This removal is a process of recycling and unlocks the garden and reinforces the walls.