The email you provided is not supported

Incognito tab in Chrome and yahoo mail worked for me.
Incognito tab and gmail in Safari did not.

I too was extremely frustrated by this email issue while signing up but finally I found a guy on youtube explaining the right solution and now I signed up for my ChatGPT account easily. Hope it workd for all of the people. Here it is: How To EASILY Fix "The Email You Provided is Not Supported" in Chat GPT /OpenAI - YouTube

tried many emails but all failed
but finally successfully using “continue with google” after verify my phone number for that email account
here’s the step, I tried many email accounts, all showed “The email you provided is not supported.” but all accounts received the verify email. so i turned to my phone to try it on safari again using same email account but showed the email existed or used.
finally, after verify my phone number of the google email account, i just chose login in and chose “continue with google” on my computer and succeed

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Users on the forum are experiencing difficulties when trying to create or log into a ChatGPT account, encountering an issue saying “The email you provided is not supported”. This problem persists regardless of the email domain - including Hotmail, Gmail, and Outlook. Other participants from different locations worldwide, such as the US, UK, Japan, and the Netherlands, reported similar issues. While some initially assumed it was related to IP or geographical restrictions, others disproved that theory.

Suggestions offered by forum members include trying to log-in using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, or adding a phone number to the email account. One user was able to sign up using ‘Incognito mode’. There’s also a theory proposed suggesting that users might be blocked, due to a possible security feature where once an attempt to register with a banned or bad email is made, a cookie could be set preventing future login attempts, hence the success of ‘Incognito mode’.- ref.

Summarized with AI on Nov 24 2023
AI used: gpt-4-32k