The disadvantage of ChatGPT or GPT 4 that I don't like the most

I don’t like it if GPT 4 Turbo still has flaws without a valid reason because the development is very lazy in developing improvements to GPT 4 Turbo which makes users very disappointed. The disadvantages of ChatGPT should be known in detail. They are said that GPT 4 turbo has up to 120k context while the output output is only around 4k words. Instead of expanding the amount of output, output in the context is deliberately withheld without any valid reason. What’s the point of using GPT 4 turbo if the output is only around 4k words. Luckily I don’t want to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus yet, because I know there are limitations or shortcomings that are intentional or unintentional.
If the updated GPT 4 turbo has a maximum output count of 120k words as well, then I’d be happy to subscribe. But please pay attention, so that the ChatGPT Plus subscription price is lowered right now, instead of being lazy like that. Moreover, for beginners, a ChatGPT Plus subscription should be under 10 dollars.
Please develop attention with us so that we are not disappointed again. Please express the reasons for ChatGPT’s shortcomings with correct or reasonable reasons. As well as fixing or improving ChatGPT or GPT 4 before GPT 5 is released.
I’m sure you’re saying is that ChatGPT will end up being killed by its own development. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend you, but I just want to know what development is doing to fix the error or not.