The chat counter for a GPT no longer works. There is a bug

In the “Explore” tab of the ChatGPT web desktop interface, I discovered a bug related to the counter for one of my GPTs. It previously displayed the number of chats users had with this GPT, but now it shows “NaN Chats.” “NaN” appears similar to the way it does in Pandas to indicate a missing value. I observe the same issue in the “Settings” → “My GPTs” tab. Has anyone else experienced this bug?
Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 13.01.33

Same with you, Have you figured it out?

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“NaN” stands for Not a Number and it is happening because they change from providing the exact numbers to an approximation for all GPTs with > 100 Chats.
This is just a frontend bug and I guess they’ll fix it within the next hours. If you can’t wait to get your numbers, use the “Networks” tab of your browsers DevTools. Check out the /discovery endpoint for the initial list of GPTs and the /mine endpoints for the GPTs that are loaded with “Load more”

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