The carrier associated with this phone is not supported - p2

“We couldn’t verify your phone number. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”

Malaisia, U-mobile

There is a topic “The carrier associated with this phone is not supported” but someone closed it even there is no solution yet.
AlexDeM recommended following:
" If you are trying with LTE on - turn it off (go to GSM), and try again.
If you are trying with LTE off (it was on GSM or UTMS) - turn it on , and try again.
If none of these options work: install a SIM2 card (Vodafone, preferably), open a free account, and receive the SMS confirmation code - DO NOT fill in any bank or credit details until this problem is definitively resolved."
But I’m not sure if it could help at all as the problem is the error, not just not getting SMS. More over I used my PC connected through WiFi and got the same error so I have no idea how LTE settings could be connected to the error message…
To me it’s not about customers settings, it’s about OpenAI communication to mobile providers.

And yes, recommendation to go to is totally useless. I contacted but didn’t get any solution.

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so there isn’t any other solution? i have tried all that been recommended but still can’t even sign up and i gotta buy a whole other number just to sign up? that’s ridiculous honestly.

Same to me so finally I had to buy another SIM card (DiGi).

I am trying to signup from South Africa however my phone number is not being accepted. using CELL C network.

support staff only reply after a week! and the IA has no idea what I’m talking about.

First time trying chat gpt and I’m not impressed.

luckily there is a better new and free AI.! cheers!

To what I can see from most of the issues, the carrier is Cell C. I too use Cell C and cannot access ChatGPT. Connecting with them is basically impossible, so I guess I will have to switch networks…

Yip I pretty much have up. Support staff only responded to my ticket after two months. With no solution. It’s pathetic seriously.