The best UI is no UI!? Is the time right to completely remove UI’s with GPT chatbots?

Following Elon Musk: “The best part is no part. The best process is no process.”
I would like to make a bold statement here:

“The best UI is no UI at all.” (for chatGPT bots)

Story: I am launching a WhatsApp based ChatGPT bot. The UI is very restricted and as of now only uses WhatsApp list messages.

But instead of trying to go in the direction of all other chatbots that have UI elements for settings, menus, customization, and parameter entry, I would like to go in the complete opposite direction.

Removing the UI completely.

  • What do you think about removing UIs for chatbots completely?
  • Which existing tools can help to make this work with a ChatGPT bot?
  • Can I include multiple different “role”: “system” messages in a chatGPT call? This way I could keep GPT informed about the user settings, system status, …?