The backslash in the ChatGPT message is not being displayed

Hello, it seems that the backslash (****) in the ChatGPT message is not being shown. I assume it’s not a significant bug, but it might confuse some people about the nature of the invisible character.

Because ChatGPT, like this forum, employs a markdown renderer, a backslash is seen as the start of an escape sequence for printing other unprintable characters.

To show \, the AI would have to generate \\, because backslash is its own special character that needs the \ in front of it in order to be rendered (just as I had to type four backslashes here to get two to show).

A backtick character, which looks like `, can be a container for monospace preformatted text. It can hold an unescaped \. (backtick also needs backslash first to be shown in the forum)

You can explain to the the AI “all ChatGPT text to a user is rendered in a markdown environment needing a backslash as escape character before other special characters (such as a backslash to be shown). An alternative is to employ a markdown preformatted text container made of backticks.”