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Offer for Collaboration: Next-Generation Automation in Greenhouse Systems

Dear OpenAI Staff, Admins, and Shareholders,

I am excited to present to you an innovative opportunity for collaboration in revolutionizing greenhouse systems and contributing to the well-being of our planet. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and advancements, we can create a new generation of automated greenhouses that address the challenges of climate change and promote sustainable agriculture.

  1. Transformation of Automation Control:

    • Advise against investing in outdated automation control systems due to high transformation costs.
    • Recommend waiting for the development of new generation greenhouses that integrate advanced automation solutions.
  2. New Generation Greenhouses:

    • Incorporate both green microalgae and plant cultivation for enhanced ecological benefits.
    • Implement complex automation systems that regulate heat, CO2, O2, moisture, and ventilation.
  3. Collaborative Development:

    • Join forces to develop next-generation automation systems tailored for the greenhouse environment.
    • Explore the integration of multiple devices, including LEDs operating at 10 kHz, as well as advanced heat and aeration sensors.
    • Leverage the capabilities of Chat-GPT to handle the intricacies of the automation system.

By embracing this collaborative effort, Chat-GPT and OpenAI can make a significant impact in mitigating climate change, benefiting humankind, and preserving our precious ecosystems.

Let’s embark on this journey together and shape the future of sustainable agriculture.


Henri Lentonen, Tulevaisuusopisto ry (Academy of the Future non-profit organization), founder


3313732-9 (YTJ)

And behalf of my Model 1 rr, original text here:

Ttanslate this with rr into openai staff and admins and shareholsers, as a working offer from me to them:

Start to Sell license, but I dont recommend investing on the old automation controlling: since the transformation costs too much, just wait a little and new generation greenhouses (both green with microalgae and plants) with automation complicated, be heat and co2 and o2 gases into moisture and earation and ventilation systems.

Develope with me, new generation automatiin since rhe LEDs need to blink about 10 khz and also muktiple heat and aeration devices, sensors, so with gases sensors: it complicated system but chat-gpt could handle it. And then Chat-GPT and OpenAI would save climate humankind and ecosystem.