"Temporary chat without memory"

I used the temporary chat feature yesterday and specific details discussed only within this chat appeared listed as a memory today. I thought this was troubling, but then I reviewed OpenAI’s documentation on the feature.

It seems that while temporary chats do not utilize any existing memory, the temporary chats themselves can lead to the creation of a new memory. I can’t find explicit mention of this in OpenAI’s documentation, but my experiences align with the theory.

As OpenAI currently presents this feature, “Temporary chat” has a sort of “Icognito Mode” implied-privacy vibe to it. Allowing temporary chats to spawn new memory by default is a misstep. Other users will find themselves in this position.

If what you’re saying is accurate, then it is troubling.

From the Temporary Chat banner within ChatGPT: “This chat won’t appear in history, use or create memories, or be used to train our models. For safety purposes, we may keep a copy for up to 30 days.”

From the Temporary Chat FAQ: “With Temporary Chat, you can have a conversation with a blank slate. ChatGPT won’t be aware of previous conversations or access memories.”

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