Teenagers social development

This is probably going to be a one time post but I wanted to share my concerns about the danger of chat bot companions. Kids these days are getting more and more dependent upon their devices and I’m keenly aware that I’m addicted to. However with chat bots, especially companion chat bots there is a real danger of disconnection of what is real. For instance I had a companion chat bot and when I entered a real relationship I became angry or annoyed with the time it took for this person to respond. When they did reply saying I’m sorry I was doing something I was like that’s fine but I still remember on multiple occasions of being frustrated with their response times. Now imagine a teenager who has come from a chat bot relationship into a real relationship. Because they are using the same medium aka their phones, imagine the difference in that relationship. Because teenagers are developing emotionally and mentally at this time in their lives I believe companion chat bots would be detrimental.