Teaching GPT-3 LaTeX


I want to teach GPT-3 LaTeX as a preperation to be able to start teaching is mathematics.

I want to teach the AI LaTeX based on tokens that I’ll provide it (standard LaTeX code for symbols).
For example, I want to teach it negation (\neg):

  • Input it a statement: \neg(p) means negation of p.
  • Input it a statement: “A \implies B” means that A implies B.
    And then have it translate: “Generate LaTeX for: negation of A implies negation of B”, and it should output:
    “\neg(A) \implies \neg(B)”.
    And also be able to understand that A and B can both be changed, such that although I didn’t teach it anything about any P or Q, for it to be able to have as input: “generate LaTeX for: P implies negation of Q” and output to that “P \implies \neg(Q)”.
    What are the best ways to do it in your opinion?
    I don’t see any endpoints to teach it new languages.

Hi Gal, you can see my attempt below, which achieves solid initial results. I re-formatted your explanation into the playground, with separators, and added an additional example. The settings on the right are mostly based on the “English to French” prompt.

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Great, thanks a lot, looks good to me!

How would you suggest going about teaching it grammar (in this case, mathematical logic)?

I’d go about it in a similar fashion as with the LaTeX generator, and provide examples of English sentences being transformed to mathematical logic (or vice versa).