Support ignores and bans the account without reason

UPD2: Still no one answered me.
UPD3: THEY STILL IGNORING ME :clown_face:. I hate openai support.
UPD4: bruuuuh they said that my account cannot be unbanned anymore. thanks to “responsible” support in the world :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

I wrote to support via bubble chat on January 11, 2024 6 days after my account was locked. I received a reply on January 12, which told me that the account was blocked due to an attempt to access from an unsupported country, although I live in a country that is supported by OpenAI. I was also told to check if I was using a proxy to access OpenAI. I don’t deny that I use a proxy, but I don’t remember using it only to access OpenAI. On January 15, I added to my reply but did not receive a reply. At the time of the ban (January 5, 2024) I was not using my OpenAI account in any way.
Before the ban i was in turkey for a week and in romania for 1 day. Could this have affected my account in any way?