Superpower ChatGPT Browser Extension / Folders

I was reluctant to try the Superpower ChatGPT a few weeks ago (…currently using version 3.0.2), now I cannot believe all that I was missing without it! I should mention that I use it on Firefox because of how my workflow is set up, but I have also used it on Chrome.

Recently, I have noticed the added ability to create folders. A few days ago, I created my first folder, successfully dragged a few conversations into it, and was pleased with how easy it was to do. But starting recently, I have noticed that along with the conversations that I placed inside the folder, there are also duplicate copies of those conversations OUTSIDE the folder as well. I do not know if that is how it is supposed to work or not, but it does not seem right. I have tried disabling the extension, clearing the cache, re-enabling the extension, but the issue remains.

In looking for more information about the extension, all I found was the link to a Twitter account. Does anyone have more information on how these folders are supposed to work on Superpower ChatGPT?