Summarization and Translation Limits in ChatGPT?

Hi anyone,

I’m reaching out to gather some insights on the summarization and translation capabilities of ChatGPT. Specifically, I’m interested in understanding the extent of limitations imposed on these features, particularly regarding the length and detail of content that can be summarized or translated from external sources (both URLs or pdfs).

Have any of you encountered specific boundaries or restrictions in this regard? For instance, are there limitations on the length of summaries provided or the amount of text that can be translated from a source?


Wondering about this too. Would like the feature to be able to upload a PDF document and have ChatGPT translate it, and give me back the translated PDF document available for download.

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My GPTs told me it has a 90-word limit for summaries and translations of articles

I was creating a GPTs helping me to read a news page, summarize it and translate the news to Chinese. I set it to 300 to 500 words, but all I got was a very short summary. I was wondering why and asked the ChatGPT, it told me it has to follow the 90 words limitation.

Then I asked who set the guideline, it answered me below:

“The guideline to limit translations and summaries of articles to 90 words is set by OpenAI, the organization that developed and maintains the AI models like me. This guideline is designed to balance providing useful and concise information to users while respecting copyright and intellectual property rights of original content creators. It encourages AI models to offer brief, high-level summaries or translations without replicating the full content from sources, directing users to the original articles for more in-depth information.”

As I create the GPTs for reading news, I really want to them to change the limitation, and hopefully not the ChatGPT lies on me to reduce its works.