Suggestions to improve conversation history, including filtering options, visual distinctions, and model selection for custom GPTs


I’d like to share a few ideas and hope they resonate with others.

  1. Filter Integration for Conversation History:
    • The ability to filter conversations by date, custom GPT, or other specific tags would significantly streamline searching through conversation logs. This could be implemented via a dropdown menu or a search bar.
  2. Visual Distinction Between GPT and Custom GPTs in Conversation History:
    • It’s often tricky to quickly tell apart past conversations with different GPT models. Adding visual cues, such as color coding or icons, could make it easier to differentiate between standard GPT versions (like GPT-4, 3.5) and custom GPTs.
  3. Selection Between Models (GPT-4 and GPT-3.5) for Custom GPTs:
    • Offering the option to choose between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 when creating or modifying a custom GPT model would accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences. This flexibility could significantly enhance the user experience by allowing for rapid iteration and customization.

I’ve included some images below for visual reference.

The ability to filter and quickly discern the conversation history, coupled with the flexibility in model selection, I think are subtle changes that could add a lot of value.
Eager to hear your thoughts.