Suggestions to facilitate the use of ChatGPT and reuse previously given answers

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. This text was translated by ChatGPT, so I hope to receive understanding for any minor errors. I have been using ChatGPT since January 2023, mainly to learn new things such as the German language, the English language, the basics of programming in C, C#, web development, and Java. I am now attending a computer science school and therefore use it even more than before, but in the same way, since I also use it for hundreds of purely curiosity-driven questions, it is very difficult to keep track of where the conversations I always use are.

So, to be very clear about my need, and probably that of thousands of other people: I would like to be able to pin the conversations I want at the top because they are always the ones I use the most. For example:

  • Italian - German
  • German - Italian
  • Italian - English
  • English - Italian

It would be great to put these in a tab like those in a browser. Then there are:

  • Java questions
  • C questions
  • C# questions
  • Computer science questions

These should also go in a tab, and so on.

It often happens that I know I have already searched for a particular thing but no longer know where to find it, and so I have to ask the same question over and over again, which is a waste of resources. I hope I made myself clear. For those who find themselves in the same situation, please like this post to bring attention to the topic.