Suggestions for a update of ChatGPT

  1. The ability to duplicate chats you’ve already had. You might wonder, why? Well, I’d say it would be useful for testing with each chat to see what it says about the same context. I know there’s something like this already, but I believe it would be useful not just for this, but for other things as well.

  2. The ability to select chats and delete them all at once. This would be useful to select multiple chats and delete them, instead of deleting a chat one by one, making the process faster by selecting the chats.

  3. The ability to search by keyword or chat name for a word to quickly jump into a chat that you can’t find or think you’ve lost.

  4. Import and export chats. As the name suggests, the ability to import and export chats.

ChatGPT itself can answer some of those suggestions (after a bit of training)

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