Suggestion to add to Chat GPT

As someone with a bit of gaming experience and just an average know-how of the internet, I have encountered a tiny problem. I wouldn’t even call it a problem, but I do have a suggestion for it.

So, when you want to chat (let’s say in MC) you just click “/” and you can start chatting. Also when looking something up on Google, you can do this to enter the chat. I don’t know why it isn’t already like this, but it would be great to also have this in Chat GPT.

There were countless times where I wanted to easily type a prompt and I forgot Chat GPT couldn’t do this via “/”. Maybe this is something to add in a future update?

Also while you are reading this:…
Maybe it is something you have when having 4o, but it would be great to be able to use ENTER to go to the next line when in full screen.

Thank you in advance :)) !