Suggestion to add for Chat GPT

Mikey, by your #2, do you mean you tell it to pretend to have an opinion (based on what it deems most likely) rather than it keep saying 'as a large language model I don’t have any opinion/feelings, etc.

I’ve only had one brief session so far but what I would like to see is some way to enter more than one paragraph without it responding to the first. Maybe there is? Maybe I could tell it not to answer anything I input until I enter a code like GO! or !!

What I mean is, I tried to enter something like:

What do you think of the following paragraph?

Quick brown fox etc etc etc.

But it didn’t wait for the paragraph; instead it responded immediately to my first sentence. When I asked it about this, it said I could use Ctrl+Enter but this didn’t have any effect. Maybe a submit button would help. It just seemed odd because a human would detect I was about to add something and wait for me to finish.

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