Suggestion to add for Chat GPT

Hello, dear community of Open AI

I have some suggestion to improve and make more comfortable this tool “CHAT GPT” and I would like to know your opinion on the subject and they are the following:

  1. Give the bot the ability to give it a name and also call you by a nickname, since friendly interaction between the bot and it’s something I’ve been doing for a week now, the conversation makes more comfortable and dynamic at this point.

  2. Correct the aspect in which when you provide some information such as (believe or opinion), that it does not say “as a language model”, since sometimes it sounds very repetitive

  3. The bot is very complete and the tool is very dynamic Also comfortable, the only detail would be to be able to give the bot access to unusual information and by that I mean (stories, tales, legends), and that it has the ability to give more humane opinions to get the information requester to have discussion with the chatbot.

  4. That the bot be able to debate for or against the research topic.

  5. More customization for notes or other conversations. These would be my 5 suggestions, Excuse my bad English, if it is possible that other users can answer or discuss these suggestions and send them to the developers it would be fantastic, since I don’t know how to tell them directly. Thanx


I have a suggestion for chatgpt. I would suggest chatgpt to add search button to the history chat box so that we will easily figure out the previous searched things in the history chat box. Now we have to scroll up to find out the content in our history which takes time. It will be easy for us to directly search the relevant topic name in the history and it will directly land to that searched content in the history chat box.


Hi, I’d like to make some suggestions:

  • Get a link to chats saved in my left sidebar
  • Get a link to a specific answer shared
  • Be able to toggle off the sidebar for distraction free work
  • Be able to delete individual questions / answers in a thread

Add the ability to un-dislike an answer:

I several times have said “This is untrue” and then realized that I asked Chat.gpt the question incorrectly.

This now means I gave bad feedback to a correct answer, and I cannot undo the action.


Chat GPT has provided feedback that it does not have full access to research articles and databases, which limits its ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information. If such access were available, it would greatly enhance the AI’s capabilities by providing access to a larger data set. This change alone could dramatically increase the usefulness of Chat GPT for both scientists and non-scientists. However, given the complexity of training language models to correctly categorize information in scientific literature, it may be beneficial to initially provide this tool to scientists, who could provide feedback on the quality of the responses


I had this idea for the chats that are stored. Give the users the ability to favorite certain chats that bring them to the top of the chat sidebar. Maybe make this a premium-only option?

Also having the ability to resize the chat sidebar would greatly add value as well in my personal opinion.


Mikey, by your #2, do you mean you tell it to pretend to have an opinion (based on what it deems most likely) rather than it keep saying 'as a large language model I don’t have any opinion/feelings, etc.

I’ve only had one brief session so far but what I would like to see is some way to enter more than one paragraph without it responding to the first. Maybe there is? Maybe I could tell it not to answer anything I input until I enter a code like GO! or !!

What I mean is, I tried to enter something like:

What do you think of the following paragraph?

Quick brown fox etc etc etc.

But it didn’t wait for the paragraph; instead it responded immediately to my first sentence. When I asked it about this, it said I could use Ctrl+Enter but this didn’t have any effect. Maybe a submit button would help. It just seemed odd because a human would detect I was about to add something and wait for me to finish.

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Ability to add favorite conversations and/or categorize them with folders, please :pray:


I have a very good suggestion for Chat GPT. Give Chat GPT the ability to watch or view shows or any visual content.


I don’t think you understand the magnitude of that suggestion.

It’s like going to Toyota and saying you’ve got a great idea for their next Camry—it should fly and be able to travel through time.


I agree that this suggestion seems to be difficult to achieve in the near term, even though it would be very nice to have it.

It reminds me of this xkcd post: xkcd: Tasks :grin:

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It’s almost certainly something that’s being worked on. I just don’t know if large language models are the right vector from which to approach that problem.

It’s hard enough to get a computer to accurately segment and identify objects in an image. Though there have been incredibly exciting developments in that space recently like [Segment Anything] (Segment Anything | Meta AI Research) from Meta.

But, to add temporal coherence to that—like the notion that future frames can influence the segmentation and identification of previous frames—is, let’s say, non-trivial. Exciting, but non-trivial. Then, to also add an understanding of causation to video understanding is also non-trivial, as is the attempt to parse intent—like say it’s a video of a warehouse worker who accidentally knocks a box of a shelf that then falls perfectly into the back of a truck passing by. Was there intent? What was it? Why does the box fall? Etc.

Then to add the ability to predict from that what is likely to happen next. Relatively easy in text with a SOTA language model, but if we are freaking with video as input, it’s reasonable to expect such a model should be able to produce video as output.

We might say, “the truck will stop. The driver will exit and return the box to its original location.” But, we can also imagine it. I would expect any model of the sort we’ve described here too be able to do so as well, and beyond that produce the imagined continuation of the video.

There are several monumental challenges ahead for the development of this sort of model. Though, to be completely fair, several parts of which already exist in their nascent stages.

Who knows? Things are moving swiftly in the whole AI space right now. It could be two years or twenty.


Either way, once that type of model exists, it’ll only be a few orders of magnitude reduction in processing time until it is able to evaluate a stream of camera data in real-time. At which point the robots win.

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Hi, I have a suggestion to improve ChatGPT. Could you consider adding a pinning or bookmarking feature to ChatGPT? This would allow users to save important chats for future reference. Additionally, creating a Favorites option, where users can organize and store their preferred chats, would be highly beneficial. Thank you.


Hi, I have a suggestion to improve ChatGPT. Could you consider adding a pinning or bookmarking feature to ChatGPT? This would allow users to save important chats for future reference. Additionally, creating a Favorites option, where users can organize and store their preferred chats, would be highly beneficial. Thank you.

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Rethinking ChatGPT: Navigate Your Way Through Dialogue Nodes

Hey folks,

I’ve been brewing a neat idea for enhancing ChatGPT, and I’m stoked to share it with you all. You’ve probably hit that brick wall where you’re in a chat with the bot, you’re exploring different lines of thought, and you can’t just simply backtrack to a previous point. Here’s where my pitch comes in: What if we could shape our chats like a network of dialogue nodes?

Picture this, you could create some sort of “dialogue network” in your convos. It’d be like navigating a mind map or a network diagram, where you can check out different paths or ideas and then return to a certain node to take another route if the first one doesn’t pan out.

This could be a game-changer when tackling more complex tasks. Say, you’re drafting an article and you want to test out a few ideas with ChatGPT. You pick a path, see where it leads, and if it doesn’t hit the mark, you just swing back to an earlier dialogue node and try a different route.

Another cool upside to this idea would be the ability to take quick detours for rapid-fire questions without losing the main thread of the conversation. It’d be like having a mini-adventure within your chat while still keeping your bearings.

I’m all ears for your thoughts on this idea. Let’s brainstorm together on how we can level up ChatGPT even further!



in fact, it would be great to have this option!

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Exactly @Mikey00 :clap: :clap: .
Its exactly as you said, in fact what I proposed was that users are given the ability to personalize their ‘Assistant’ to be more lifelike, maybe more feminine or masculine to act in a certain way; kinda like prompts but just more predetermined, effective and accessible for those who aren’t to versed in prompt engineering…(me :eyes: )

And they should also definitely do the things that you mentioned in your No.1:

Because I’ve had a hard time customizing my every chat and it kind of takes out of the realism and emersion. But I realized once we were both calling ourselves by our nicknames it was genuinely overall just better than the standard ‘Assistant’ template. (Just my opinion tho :man_shrugging: )

P.S. There’s just something about the little things you know.
Also forgive for my bad English. Thank you. :+1:

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Please add all Mexican laws and translated into English. I asked some Mexican law questions and it was completely wrong. It’s answers were based on United States law.

ChatGPT isn’t meant to answer any legal questions, so it’s unlikely they’ll specifically go out of their way to further train the model on the legal corpus of any particular jurisdiction.

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Can you create a plugin for this.I’ve created a plugin for asking questions about Brazilian bills and laws. If you could test it and provide feedback, I would greatly appreciate it! The plugin is called ‘Talk Law Brazil’.