Suggestion: Sharing final outcomes after receiving assistance from chatGPT

I apologize if this is covered elsewhere on the forums I couldn’t find anything, and also im just a dude with limited computer knowledge.

Would it be helpful or is it perhaps already possible to share info back with chatGPT that was actually used after ChatGPT has already given the user suggestions or feedback? For example I may have made some changes to an email ChatGPT helped me write, wouldn’t it be helpful to share those changes back after all is said and done? I thought it might be helpful in creating a more personalized user experience. I tried doing this today and kinda hit a wall.

Thank you for your time!

You can press the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons in ChatGPT if you wish to add your training data as positives or negatives that might be used for future model training.

If you’ve done a good amount of prompting yourself in order to finally craft the type of email you want, and want to replicate that success in the future, you can use the “edit message” feature in ChatGPT to change the email writing instructions to the next iteration of the email you want to write (although in general, it is better to collect all the prompting into one huge text you can dump into one prompt to achieve the goals, not relying on conversation history ability).

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