Suggestion on improving navigation of ChatGPT chats

Some of the chat sessions can get very long, and chatgpt is already long winded in its response which is fine. But, there needs to be an easier way to get to those chatgpt responses in a single chatgpt chat session.

Also, it should work more like “Collecting or recalling of Memories.” ChatGPT should be able to categorize, recall, organize, and micro store these as Memories that can be easily broken out and examined by the user.

Currently you have to scroll to the top or you have to click on the down arrow to get to the very bottom.
There needs to be a way to get to each chat gpt response quickly in a single chat session.
The idea would be:

  • Design each chat session to be able to show a hierarchy title or subject tree in each chat session, that allows a user to be able to get to each Chatgpt response quickly and easily in a single chat session. (Either by clicking on a button or expanding on a title to view chat responses)
  • Utilize the down arrow as “Next” chat response. In fact, incorporate two arrows, up and down that will allow to go to each chatgpt chat response in that single chat session.
  • Number or title each chat response within the chatgpt responses, so that the user can ask chat gpt more easily about those chat responses in the existing chat sessions or utilize tagging of those previous chatgpt chat responses within the same chat session
  • Utilize optional cross referencing between prior sessions outside of the current chat sessions that will allow users to cross reference or tag previous chat sessions that are not in the existing current chat session with chatgpt.

Hope that helps


Exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The proposed features are both innovative and seemingly easy to code. Their implementation would be a major step forward.

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