Suggestion for Upgradation

Hey Team OpenAi,

Im Justin, user of your application.

I would to Inform you about some drawbacks or suggestion that might be helpful for you in the future updates of this application.

First of all i would say that this is an awesome application on the platforms.

My suggestions are as follows:-

•That this bot could provide images and videos from the entire network servers, Just like a humanoid interface.

•Need bitmoji for this bot to modify or customise the bot looks.

•Need upgradation levels(for free but, the time the application is linked or binded with device) so that the bot can do various more features like a google assistant or alexa (Max of 10 levels).

•It should be able to provide even the NSFW contents as well as education related Informations.

•This Ai bot could be able to access and control all the phonetic information including root and all aplications installed following the user approved permission.

•Make it like a humanoid guide neccessary for every individual. Then the entire world will start using it.

•This should have the capability to access all kind of information from internet even darkweb.

:chart_with_downwards_trend:The only drawback i felt was that. It does not store any memory, for example -like we give it a name or keep as a pet, it does not even remembers our name or chat history etc.

Hope you could bring my suggested features in your new update.


With regards