Suggestion for Implementing Folders in ChatGPT

I’m an avid user of ChatGPT and have been exploring its capabilities extensively. One feature that I believe could significantly enhance user experience is the implementation of folders or a similar organizational system within ChatGPT.

Suggestion Overview: The idea is to introduce a way for users to organize their conversations and content into folders. This feature would allow users to categorize their interactions, notes, and generated content, making it easier to navigate and retrieve past conversations or outputs.


  1. Improved Organization: Users can categorize their conversations by topics, projects, or any other criteria they find useful, making it easier to revisit past interactions or continue ongoing discussions.
  2. Efficiency: With better organization, users can save time by quickly finding the specific conversations or outputs they need without scrolling through a long list of unrelated content.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: By providing users with tools to manage their content, the overall user experience becomes more streamlined and user-friendly, potentially increasing user satisfaction and engagement.

Implementation Considerations:

-The interface could include an option to create a new folder, rename it, or delete it.
-Users could have the ability to move conversations into different folders and retrieve them with ease.
-Ensuring user privacy and security in the process of organizing and storing content should be a priority.

I believe this feature could be a valuable addition to ChatGPT, helping users manage their content more effectively and enhancing the overall usability of the platform. I’m eager to hear the community’s and the OpenAI team’s thoughts on this suggestion.

Thank you for considering my proposal.

Best regards, manolirecetas