Suggestion for ChatGPT integration into school

Hi, My name is Gunnar and I am a fairly long time user of OpenAI’s various software’s and I feel that the improvements that have been made since I have first started using it is incredible. That being said, I feel like there are improvements that can be made in regards to integration with schools and institutions.

Like how there is a separate plan for businesses, I feel like there should be something for schools such to provide the service to their students. Now yes, I know that this is a bit of a though topic for schools with students using chatGPT for their assignments. That being said, I think most of them realize that completely outlawing the software is not possible due to its growth and ability to emulate human output.

This is just something that I thought could be useful being that I am a 3rd year in college myself. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this as I would love to hear them.