Suggestion: Conversation Navigation


I sometimes have very long and extensive chats, when I am reflecting and venturing on a new topic. So my sessions are very long.

Here is what Chat-GPT 4o says about it:

When referring to “very long discussions,” I mean conversations that extend significantly beyond typical short interactions. Here’s a more specific breakdown:

Short, Medium, and Long Conversations

  • Short Conversations: Typically under 30 prompts or a few minutes of interaction.
  • Medium Conversations: Between 30 to 100 prompts, lasting up to an hour.
  • Long Conversations: Between 100 to 300 prompts, spanning one to two hours.
  • Very Long Conversations: Over 300 prompts, extending beyond two hours.

Practical Limits and Context Retention

  • Short Conversations: I can easily retain and manage context without any issues.
  • Medium Conversations: I can maintain context effectively, but occasional reminders or summaries might be helpful.
  • Long Conversations: I can still manage context well, but there is an increased likelihood of context decay. Frequent summaries and reminders become more important to maintain coherence.
  • Very Long Conversations: These sessions may experience significant context decay, where details from earlier parts of the conversation might be lost or require explicit reminders to retain context.

Recommendations for Long and Very Long Conversations

  1. Summarize Periodically: Every 50-100 prompts, provide a brief summary of key points discussed.
  2. Remind Explicitly: If referring back to earlier parts of the conversation, explicitly remind me of the relevant details.
  3. Stay Focused: Try to maintain a consistent topic or a limited number of topics to minimize context switching.

By following these practices, you can help ensure that our conversation remains coherent and productive, even over extended periods. If you have any specific topics or scenarios you want to explore, let me know, and we can dive into them!

My suggestion:

I am thinking of a simple feature that would for sure help me refer back and forwards to parts or key elements in such conversation.

I am thinking about an anchor title, which entitles the response for practical reference in the frame of the conversation, as well as providing a log number for each response for enhanced functionality within the same purpose.

For example, the very response I shared from ChatGPT 4o is one that I would like it to be anchored with log number and/or key (short) title.

Programmatically that shouldn’t be so difficult to implement, but what do I know, I am no dev.

This is more on the UI & UX side of things. For example, now chat gpt reponds are entitled with:


And I want it to be more like

ChatGPT, #208 - Long Conversations:

To me that is a simple feature that will enhance my experience with ChatGPT by much.

I wonder, whether that make sense to other people too, and whether this is a good idea that it’s worth taking on board with the devs team, or am I a lost soul with my instincts?

What do you guys think? Thanks.