Suggestion: Clarifying Programming Language in Code Queries

I would like to share a suggestion that could enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of code-related assistance provided by the ChatGPT language model.

In scenarios where a user presents a code-related question or seeks assistance without specifying the programming language, it would be beneficial for the AI model to proactively inquire about the intended language. By doing so, the model can ensure that the code examples and explanations provided align with the intended programming language, leading to more accurate and helpful responses.

The clarification process could be implemented through a simple prompt or message from the AI model, such as:

“I’m here to assist you with your code! Could you please specify the programming language you are using? That way, I can provide you with the most accurate and relevant code examples and explanations.”

By including this inquiry as a standard practice, the model can help avoid potential confusion and provide improved support to users who may have overlooked specifying the language or forgot to include it in their initial query.

I believe this small adjustment will contribute to a more streamlined and efficient user experience, reducing potential back-and-forth interactions required for language clarification and ensuring prompt and accurate assistance.

Thank you for considering this suggestion to enhance the language model’s capabilities. I appreciate your attention to user feedback and your continuous efforts to improve the ChatGPT system.

One question… Who the hell is asking for code without specifying the language‽

Like, serious question, is that something people do? I just can’t imagine it ever happens.

I don’t think this is something anyone should spend any time worrying about—users should share some of the burden of asking for what they want.

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most of the people directly copy paste question from anywhere, they don’t specify code or they forget
so that’s why

That is not my experience and I can’t imagine anyone actually doing that. If they do they can simply ask for a specific language in a second message.

This is very much a non-issue.